Music Party and Impersonation Contest

Introducing Bar Bliss’ Musical Party & Impersonation Contest

Saturday May 15th 2010

1st Prize: 500,000won Cash

2nd Prize: 300,000won Bar Tab

3rd Prize: 200,000won Bar Tab

How to participate…

Contestants must register by 6:00pm.

Pick any song from any musical in history, be it a movie or a play.

Maks sure we have your video before the event. You can…

Email your music video to us. (

Let us know which song you will do so we can prepare the video for you.

Bring your music video to the bar with you will before registration closes.

Dress (as much as you can) like the character you will be impersonating.

Then sing it or lip-sync it while the video plays in the background throughout Bar Bliss.

Make it entertaining. (That’s how you’ll win)

Come by Bar Bliss on any Sunday before the event & we’ll play your videos for you so you can practice your routine. 

The day of the event…

Tickets: 5,000won guests, 10,000won participants, availabel at the door.

Admission includes 1 free Agwa drink (or any happy hour drink)

Happy hour…

from 5:00pm to 8:00pm – including Agwa drinks.

(Have you tried Agwa? It’s almost like getting high.)

This is how the judging works…

You will be judged on both costume and performance.

The 3 judges will select 5 finalists.

The audiences’ vote will decide which performances stay in the competition, after which, the 5 finals will do another performance or do the same one. 

*Hint: It might be best to prepare more than 1 song.

Each audience member will have only one paper ballot, with which they will select the 1st prize winner.

Any 2 judges may terminate a performance anytime. (like on America’s Got Talent.)

Important notice.

1. The conditions and/or rules can be changed without prior notice.

2. Any comments judges may make about your performance will be immune from criminal or civil charge and/or personal attack.

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