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Bar Bliss Has Talent

June 10, 2010
Introducing The New & Improved
Bar Bliss Has Talent
Saturday June 19th & 26th 2010
The 26th are the finals.

1st Prize: 500,000 Korean won Cash
2nd Prize: 300,000 Korean won Bar Tab
3rd Prize: 200,000 Korean won Bar Tab
With a 100,000 Korean won CASH drawing after the show (must be present at the time of the drawing)

OK… Here it is…
Last time it was a contest of Show Tunes only…
This time… Show us your talent! Any talent, & have fun with it.

The day of the event…
Bar will open at 7pm.
With drink 2 for 1 specials from 7 to 10.

Tickets: 5,000won guests, 10,000won participants, available at the door.
<<< KEEP YOUR TICKET >>> It will be used for the final vote.
(Torn tickets WILL NOT be counted)
The voting system is not the same as the last competition, but the tickets will still be used for voting.
The judges will also have votes and comments at the end of each act.

Feel free to come in and practice on any weekday, do
sound check, make notes & anything else you need to make sure
that everything goes well for you and your performance.

The following criteria must be met in order to qualify to perform.

1. Make sure that you get to Bar Bliss, any and all materials you may need for your performance.
Acceptable formats are… mp3, avi, mpg, or mpeg. There will be NO CD’s used & no personal computers or audio players will be aloud to be hooked up. (If you have your own instruments and amp, then all that won’t apply to you.)
You can…
• Email your music or video to us. (
• bring your music video to the bar with you before registration closes.

2. Contestants must register by 8:00 pm. The show WILL START at 9pm. NO late registrations will be accepted.

3. Then sing it or lip-sync it while the video plays in the background throughout Bar Bliss.

4. Showmanship… Make it entertaining. (That’s how you can win)

Using a new judging system, The Judges for the evening are BIG names from within the Ex-pat community…
>IF< you don’t already know them, you REALLY should!
But we won’t tell you ‘till then.

This night is gonna rock!
See you then.

Oh! Please invite all your friends on your face book to let the world know!!!!

Important notice.
1. The conditions and/or rules can be changed without prior notice
2. Any comments judges may make about your performance will be immune from criminal or civil charge and/or personal attack.
3. The prize of bar tap has to be used in 3 weeks